Bronze Carousel Horse

Don Van Horn is one of North America's premier sculptors, woodcarvers & creators of bird, wildlife, & carousel art. He is also one of the nation's top instructors & teachers in those art forms. Welcome to his website describing current works for sale, past works & photography for sale. His realistic carvings of birds, waterfowl, & mammals can mesmerize the mind and his carousel animals touch the heart. His art resides in some of the finest private and public collections in the world.

Kestrel Carved from Tupelo Wood by Don Van Horn

Don's carvings of hummingbirds in particular leave onlookers speechless & in awe while they are left wondering if they are looking at the real thing or a recreated slice of nature, truly some of the finest examples of hummingbird art in the world. The carousel horses he has made rival those of the finest carvers from the turn of the century. Inspection of his work reveals a quality only found in nature & is easy to see why he has earned the title of master carver & sculptor.